1 to 1 marketing

because we’re all special snowflakes

How to we make our customers feel special? With so many brands today vying for a slice of limited consumer attention, it’s hard to stand out from the pack, and even harder to engage.

That’s why we believe, it’s time marketing got personal. Understand how PIVOT creates highly customised messages for each and every individual. It’s special snowflake marketing at it’s best.

‘special snowflake’ marketing

So what’s it all about, this special snowflake stuff?

The correct terminology is 1 to 1 Marketing. An approach that uses demographic, psychographic and geographic information, combined with purchase history, to build relevant and target marketing communication for each and every customer.

OK. The concept is sound, but how do I use my current customer database to send the right message, via the right channel, at the right time, using multiple touch points? Yeah Right!

Rest easy. There is a closed loop solution to automated all of this mammoth juggling act.

Introducing Printcraft PIVOT!

breakn’ it down

So PIVOT can help you build and automate a multiple touch point campaign.

But before we start building, let’s break down the key elements of 1 to 1 marketing, and better understand how PIVOT addresses each of these.

PIVOT is data driven marketing. Although it can be used to acquire new customers, it’s best features are driven by what you already know and have collected on your existing ones. This is why it’s important to consolidate and create one complete record for every customer. The team and Printcraft can assist with washing, deduping and unifying your customer data. The more you know, the more targeted your messages will be.

Many brands assume all their customers are alike, so that means one marketing message to suit all. Not the case in 1 to 1 campaigns. Using you consolidated customer data you can personalise and customise your messages.

PIVOT is one of the few solutions that bridges the gap between print and digital channels. With more options available, using the right channel for your customer and brand just got a whole lot easier..

As they say, timing is everything. If you miss the critical stages in your customers’ cycle you very well may lose the sale, donation, action or engagement. And so we automate! Push and pull data directly from your CRM to drive your customer retention campaigns.

Choose not only the right channel, choose multiple. PIVOT’s specialty is campaigns with multiple touch points across multiple channels, all driven by predetermined rules and triggers. This will ensure the best use of your marketing budget and resources.

how do i BUILD a 1 to 1 CAMPAIGN?

The strategy is often the hardest part of any campaign. Integrating a targeted message, across multiple channels with the right timing and business rules.

Struggling to get your head around how? See our cross media planning tool, circle.

Where do you start? We’ll work with your marketing, creative and management team to build the best strategy for your brand and budget.


Check out cloud based, collaborative planning tool CIRCLE.


Personalisation is a clever, unique way to grab attention. Who doesn’t like seeing their name in the stars!


Different to personalisation, customisation makes the content and imagery relevant to your particular profile or segment. It’s the way to make marketing relevant.

triggers & rule

Use triggers and buisness rules within a campaign to control timing, flow, and what if situations for every action (or non action)

multiple channels

PIVOT is one of the few software solutions to integrate print and digital channels. Check out these and more engaging options.


The foundations of every campaign. Understand more about how to consolidate and enrich your data.


Does customisation mean multiple artwork versions? Understand how PIVOT’s template driven system works.


Every great campaign must be responsive. A marketing dashboards show you what is working, and what isn’t.


See what we can offer in a production capacity for print, email, design, direct mail, logistics and more.

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